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The beautiful, tranquil mixed woodland, and the stunning panoramic views have always attracted many different visitors to Perry Wood. Geologically, the site is formed from two  mounts of gravel and sand that rise spectacularly from the chalk downland that surrounds.The views stretch widely, from Sandwich, Wye Downs to the Isle of Sheppey and the Swale.

The woodland environment is a diverse mix of coppiced chestnut, native broadleaved woodland, conifer plantation and areas of heathland restoration; the site is important for a variety of wildlife.The site is not ‘open access’, but there is a good network of footpaths and bridleways and plenty of opportunity for quiet recreation.  Please note that cycling and horse-riding are permitted in Perry Woods on the bridleways, there is no official area designated for mountain biking at this small rural site.Interesting features include ‘The Pulpit’, ‘The Bandstand'(main carpark), where there is a picnic area and easy access trail; also Windmill Hill where there is evidence of an old earthwork, possibly Roman.The Rose & Crown public house provides a pleasant watering hole in the middle of the wood.

You can download a copy of the ‘Discover Perry Wood Pocket Book’ for a full introduction to the site.  For a copy with full quality images please get in touch via the contact page.



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